I ordered a suit, where is my tracking number!?

Thanks so much for going ahead and buying a RootSuit! Whether you ordered a solid rootsuit, a pattern rootsuit, or an accessory, all of our orders are shipped within one business day, and often the same day if ordered before 2pm. You will receive a confirmation email from us with your order number on the day you make your purchase, and an email will confirm that we've shipped your suit the following business day. Please check this second email for your tracking number.

Please check your inbox from our confirmation email.

I am between sizes, which should I get?

We recommend going for the larger size. When the suits fit correctly, they are already fairly tight. So, if you wear one that is too small, it ends up being too tight. Whereas, if you wear one that is too big, it is usually still tight enough. We have never gotten a return for a suit that is too loose.

My height makes me a size X, but my chest/waist/weight makes me a size Y, which size should I get?

See above, same deal!

My order is late, or my suit has arrived and there is a defect, or there is some other problem with my order. I hate you. You tricked me. Prepare to die.

Woah there, Jones. Calm down. Here's what to do. If your suit is late and we didn't give you any advance warning, send us an email and we'll make it up to you. We are man enough to accept responsibility if we mess up, and we want you to be super satisfied with your order. We'll set you right.

If it is not late but you are getting worried that it will be late, then you can email us if you want, but 99% of the time, we will send the following response: "You ordered your suit on XX/XX/XXXX and today's date is YY/YY/YYYY. Please allow another Z days until item receipt and contact us if you have not gotten your order." If we will be late in 3 days or less, then we can probably predict whether it will be late or not. If you need the suit for a certain special event, your best bet is to purchase the shipping speed that will get you your suit on time. If you need your suit for a party tomorrow and you order regular shipping and send us 5 emails asking us if the suit has been shipped yet, it probably won't work and you'll end up very unhappy, and that makes us unhappy. If your suit is going to be delayed, we will email you ahead of time and tell you, but remember, we will email your PAYPAL EMAIL ADDRESS. That's the only way we can contact you, we don't know your personal email address. So please make sure your PayPal email address is up-to-date before you order, or check that email address for emails regarding your suit. If your suit has a defect, no problem, just email us and let us know, and you can return it. If you haven't worn it all around and messed it up, we'll give you a free replacement or a full refund, and we will reimburse you for any shipping costs you incurred. If you did wear it out, we will charge a $20 replacement.
How hard is it to see through the mask?

You can see fairly well considering you've got some colored lycra in front of your face. It's not a big problem when you're just hanging out. However, you can't really make out details from far away. We recommend pulling down the mask if you wanted to cross a busy street or definitely for driving. It also depends on the light in the room. If you are in a dark room, its much worse than if you're outside in the daylight or in a well lit room. Another note, surprisingly, light colors are much harder to see through than dark colors due to glare. So, if you are choosing between a dark color and a light color, keep this in mind.

Any of the black suits  (Black, night suit, ninja) are by far the easiest to see through followed by royal blue.  Most of the rest of the colors (green, blue, dark red, purple) are all similar to eachother, but much easier than the bright colors.  The worst are yellow, red, orange, etc.

Is the suit exactly like the colors of my own team?

We tried very hard to match the colors as close as possible. It is tough to determine if they are the same exact color, because the colors change significantly in different lighting. However, in real life, the color is close enough that no one will have any trouble recognizing it.

Do you give discounts for group orders?

Many people are purchasing bulk orders for big group events. Our standard discounts are as follows:

2-4 RootSuits: $3 per suit

5-9 RootSuits: $4 per suit

10+ RootSuits: $5 per suit

Since we lowered our prices on Feb 4 2010, we no longer offer additional discounts for groups that promote our product. HOWEVER, if you can get the word "RootSuit" and an image of our product on TV, and you can prove it, we'll send you $40.  Not taking a picture of someone else in a rootsuit on TV, but if YOU get our name on TV. That applies to everyone, not just groups. And it has to be legible, ie. not just 0.2 seconds and no one can read it unless they pause it on TiVo and squint for five minutes.

If I get the wrong size, do you accept exchanges?

If you would like to exchange sizes, we are happy to accommodate if time and supply allow.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We use Heartland Merchant Services and Authorize.net because they are one of the most trusted and secure methods. We accepts all major credit cards.

Can you drink in the suit?

You can drink directly through the fabric, but it's a bit messy. However, it's no big deal to pull down the mask, if you want to have a coke. There is a double zipper (the kind that can open in either direction) that runs from the back of the head all the way to the crotch, so its really easy to reach behind your head and pull the zipper down to your shoulders. Then, you can pull the mask forward and down.

Can I get the suit in a color not listed?

We can make any color combination of the thumbnails we have listed. If you prefer a different color, simply contact us, and we'll do our best to help you get what you're looking for.