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Bear Coat History Lesson

13 September, 2013

So many people want a bear coat. Why? Because they’re grizzly, badass, and tight butthole. When you put one on, you get to be you….but grizzlier. And, they’re just hilarious.

Guy wearing a bear coat in a restaurant with friends.

They’ve been a hit ever since Blake Anderson first wore his bear coat on Workaholics. At the time, his was the only bear coat around. In this interview on Campus Socialite, Blake was asked, “Where can I get my hands on a bear coat like that?” Blake replied, “Everybody’s asking me that, honestly there’s only one in existence. I guess you gotta skin a bear and make your own.” Bummer for everybody out there...until now! We’ve got bear coats just like Blake’s. And this site has them too. (Check them out - they’re the best priced bear coats around.)

However, was Blake’s really the first? We stumbled across this article recently. It's about jazz musicians from the 1920's. It turns out that Blake’s bear coat is the first of this century...those guys were partying in a bear coat nearly one hundred years ago! This article is short, with only a few details, but the description that’s there sounds familiar: A bunch of musicians getting together in a friend's apartment, taking turns wearing a bear coat, and passing around a big pitcher of gin. And, most likely having a great time. Can the rest of yall relate to that?? We can!

If you don't already have a bear coat, what are you waiting for? As you can see, they've stood the test of time: bear coats have been amping up the fun for almost a hundred years. And now, Blake's puns are adding to the humor fur sure! S'go!