WARNING: DO NOT SWIM IN THE SUIT.  Getting the mask wet can impair breathing.


NOTE: we do not accept returns for products that arrived late due to customer choosing the wrong shipping method 

Shipping times are estimates predicted by carrier.  We will do everything within our power to ship things on time to arrive within these estimates but cannot guarantee any delivery time and cannot be held responsible.  You can return it for a full refund if it arrives later than our shipping policies predict.  


Legal Information - Neither RootSuit, its owners, nor its employees, shall assume any responsibility for injuries suffered while wearing / partying in this suit--particularly any injuries that result from impaired vision while wearing the face mask. We are all mature people here, and we should all understand that while you can see through the mask, your vision will be critically impaired, and it is not intended to be worn while you are crossing traffic or walking above a shark tank. The responsibility of wearing a root suit safely falls on you, and by buying the suit you agree to accept full liability for its use. Also, the zippers will occasionally get stuck. This is very rare, but it happens. Therefore, it is always best to wear your root suit around friends, not by yourself, not in a crowd of strangers, so that if a wardrobe malfunction occurs, you will have a wing man present to bail you out. Again, by buying the suit you agree to accept full responsibility for its safe use. You have been fairly warned! Don't drink too much, don't drink and drive, don't run with scissors.

...all of which is expressed more formally below.

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1. RootSuit Content

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Privacy Policy

By accessing the RootSuit.com web site at RootSuit.com or www.RootSuit.com ("the Site") or by otherwise accessing any content found on this web site, you are deemed to have entered into an agreement with RootSuit, LLC. ("RootSuit") and to have agreed to be bound by the terms set out below. The Site is owned and operated by RootSuit.

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RootSuit is part of RootSuit, LLC., which operates from the United States of America. Steps have been taken to ensure that high standards of data protection are adhered for all the forms of processing mentioned above.

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Occasions will arise when customer information is passed outside RootSuit to other data processors (i.e. fulfillment bureaus, database consultants etc.) but they will only act upon instruction from RootSuit in order to perform the services required.

Children Under 18

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Changes to this statement

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