OK, so for a while now, a lot of people have been emailing us and asking us what the difference is between RootSuit, Morphsuits, and Superfan Suits. In general, we were the first to do this whole full body spandex for sports fans thing, but it’s been super tough to make enough of them to go around. These two other companies who have helped us spread the spandex love (Morphsuits & Superfan suits), and make RootSuit spandex body suits as popular as they can be.

Start date, Price, Quality

The main differences are the start dates, prices, and the suit quality. RootSuit was the first company to bring this product to the masses of partygoers and really make the product mainstream. RootSuit is based in the USA—in New Orleans, Louisiana, while Morphsuits is based in the UK. We all sell to an international audience though.


In our humble opinions, RootSuits are the highest quality spandex clothing. Our full body suits are generally quite a bit thicker than Morphsuits, and our zippers will not break. Strangely enough, we’ve received several Morphsuits zentai suits sent to us from Morphsuits’ customers of suits that had broken zippers. We had no idea why they sent their suits to us!?? RootSuit offers all of its suits without logos (we do give a logo option for those who prefer it), while Morphsuits puts their logo across the back / buttox. We also use the highest quality spandex and zippers.


Our prices are the cheapest of the three companies, because we’ve kept them the same since we started. Including shipping, our base suit comes to $51.99, while Morphsuits’ basic suit comes to $59.98 (Morphsuits cost 15% more!)

The Future

We’ve watched Morphsuits and Superfan Suits build huge followings and sell so many suits. It’s been a great friendly rivalry between Morphsuits and RootSuit and Superfan Suits, and we’re looking forward to watching these companies grow and mature. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll do a RootSuit v. Morphsuit v. Superfan Suit Laser Tag Tournament.