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Solid Suits

The ORIGINAL full body spandex color suit for fans and party animals. Our spandex suit fans are the hottest thing at parties and festivals, they constantly get on TV in stadiums and arenas, and their fun quotient is unparalleled. You’ll feel compelled to get crazy, move your arms in weird ways, and be loud. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Shaquille O’Neil just wore one of these on the Cartoon Network Game Show. He was size XXXXXL (special orders available for all you Shaqs out there). Wear them alone or with friends – we’re proud to offer substantial group discounts if you order more than one.

Specs: This RootSuit full body spandex clothing is made of 91% premium polyester, 9% high grade spandex, with a heavy duty zipper. The suit features a full-length rear entry zipper, which makes taking the head mask/hood down very easy. See, breathe, and drink through this suit. We offer a logo option on certain colors of our solid suits and we give a discount to those who wear our logo.