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430 Pound Presence at the Ryder Cup!

11 November, 2012

A unnamed RootSuit fanatic wanted to root for Team USA as the Ryder Cup this year.  At first, our main man was worried that a RootSuit wouldn't fit him because he used to work our and play a lot of sports but has since slipped slightly out of shape. 

Well, we've got a RootSuit for just about anyone.  And no matter your size or shape (including if you are 6'6" and 430lbs), we'll get a RootSuit to fit you like a glove.  The more of you there is, the more of your team color we can show! Shaquille O'Neil wore a 6XL RootSuit after all.

We love the courage displayed here and can't wait to see more from this guy!  Thanks for sending!


He even showcased our new cape! As did many of our loyal fanatics this Halloween!  Team, they look great! More accessories in the pipeline. 

So, if you've ever wondered what the best way to support your home team, put on your rootsuit, Rile up the crowds, and be the ultimate fan.