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Shaquille O’Neal Wears an XXXXXL RootSuit

30 March, 2012

We received a call about 2 months ago, from the Cartoon Network. They asked us if we could make a RootSuit big enough for Shaq. We asked if they meant Shaquille O’Neal? Oh, yes they did. Well, we tried not to get our hopes up, because we’ve had a lot of cool inquiries like this one, but they never ended up coming to fruition. As a kid, I used to go to LSU basketball games with my father. After one game when I was about 3, we saw Shaq outside the arena talking to reporters. We walked up, and he stopped talking to the reporters, bent down, and picked me up. I imagine he said, “Hold on buddy, I’m gonna pick this awesome little kid up,” but I was 3, so I can‘t say for sure. Obviously, I have been a big fan ever since and was very excited to produce a suit for him. If anyone else out there remembers Shaq Fu, Shazaam, or his rap debut “Stand and Deliver,” you’ll know what I mean. Another of our founding members is a medical student who once had a dog named Shaq. 

Anyway, we got the measurements just right, and we figured we could make Shaq’s RootSuit. They ordered one XXXXXL RootSuit for Shaq and 5 others, and then we waited until the awards show. Not only did Shaq wear the suit and dance around in it, but he made several promotional videos as the host of the game show.

Thank you, Shaq — you’re great, and we really appreciate this.