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RootSuits in the Media

16 November, 2013

I love seeing pictures and videos of our RootSuits in action. It’s especially fun when they make it to the media. For instance, do you remember when Shaq wore a RootSuit on the Cartoon Network? (By the way, Shaq is now more appropriately “Dr. O’Neal.” Congratulations on earning your PhD, Dr. O’Neal!)

More recently, our RootSuits made an appearance in a music video by Capital Cities. They put together an evocative video for their hit, “Kangaroo Court.” Check it out; it tells a strong story. Our RootSuit provides the turning point in the video.


This video is worth watching twice (or more.) As is the case with most good videos, there are lots of details that can get missed on the first view.

I’d be interested to learn what Ryan and Sebu were thinking when they made this video. Were they simply wanting to make a stunning video featuring folks in animal costumes? Or, were they intending to create a serious social commentary? Or, is this simply a message encouraging us all to be vegetarian? Or, is it just a good excuse to dress up in crazy costumes, play some music, and make a video with friends?

In any case, it’s entertaining and they obviously put lots of effort into the costumes! I wonder if they have more animal themed videos in the works. Maybe one day they’ll opt for a bear coat!