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RootSuits in the Media

16 November, 2013

I love seeing pictures and videos of our RootSuits in action. It’s especially fun when they make it to the media. For instance, do you remember when Shaq wore a RootSuit on the Cartoon Network? (By the way, Shaq is now more appropriately “Dr. O’Neal.” Congratulations on earning your PhD, Dr. O’Neal!)

More recently, our RootSuits made an appearance in a music video by Capital Cities. They put together an evocative video for their hit, “Kangaroo Court.” Check it out; it tells a strong story. Our RootSuit provides the turning point in the video.


This video is worth watching twice (or more.) As is the case with most good videos, there are lots of details that can get missed on the first view.

I’d be interested to learn what Ryan and Sebu were thinking when they made this video. Were they simply wanting to make a stunning video featuring folks in animal costumes? Or, were they intending to create a serious social commentary? Or, is this simply a message encouraging us all to be vegetarian? Or, is it just a good excuse to dress up in crazy costumes, play some music, and make a video with friends?

In any case, it’s entertaining and they obviously put lots of effort into the costumes! I wonder if they have more animal themed videos in the works. Maybe one day they’ll opt for a bear coat!

Bear Coat History Lesson

13 September, 2013

So many people want a bear coat. Why? Because they’re grizzly, badass, and tight butthole. When you put one on, you get to be you….but grizzlier. And, they’re just hilarious.

Guy wearing a bear coat in a restaurant with friends.

They’ve been a hit ever since Blake Anderson first wore his bear coat on Workaholics. At the time, his was the only bear coat around. In this interview on Campus Socialite, Blake was asked, “Where can I get my hands on a bear coat like that?” Blake replied, “Everybody’s asking me that, honestly there’s only one in existence. I guess you gotta skin a bear and make your own.” Bummer for everybody out there...until now! We’ve got bear coats just like Blake’s. And this site has them too. (Check them out - they’re the best priced bear coats around.)

However, was Blake’s really the first? We stumbled across this article recently. It's about jazz musicians from the 1920's. It turns out that Blake’s bear coat is the first of this century...those guys were partying in a bear coat nearly one hundred years ago! This article is short, with only a few details, but the description that’s there sounds familiar: A bunch of musicians getting together in a friend's apartment, taking turns wearing a bear coat, and passing around a big pitcher of gin. And, most likely having a great time. Can the rest of yall relate to that?? We can!

If you don't already have a bear coat, what are you waiting for? As you can see, they've stood the test of time: bear coats have been amping up the fun for almost a hundred years. And now, Blake's puns are adding to the humor fur sure! S'go!

Jeff Goldblum jurassic park meme

04 June, 2013



Or, in response to Google Glass not allowing porn:  

Remember when Samuel L. Jackson was in Jurassic Park?

03 June, 2013


RootSuit to Air on ABC's Shark Tank

03 April, 2013

Amazing news! We're so excited to announce that RootSuit will be featured on ABC's Shark Tank this Friday, April 5, 2013 at 9/8central.  Check it out and see how we do in the tank.

As always, we wanted to extend a huge thank you to our loyal cusotmer base.  We appreciate your continued support and couldn't have done this without you!

RootSuit | ABC | Shark Tank | April 5 | 9pm EST / 8pm Central


RootSuit Harlem Shake Video

01 April, 2013

At RootSuit, we were excited to show you the best of our Harlem Shake collection, but after an EPIC FAIL, we learned that we should probably stop at just the first video.  Below you'll find the EPIC FAIL and learn exactly why you should never every get your RootSuit wet or go swimming in one. Especially a white one!  We're trained professionals, so laugh at us, and don't try this at home.

We've loved all of the guest appearances you've been making in the Harlem shake videos.  Send them over to us and we'll feature you in our blog soon! info@rootsuit.com 

We hope everyone had a happy Easter Sunday if you were celebrating.

Um, our failed attempt is below:

And the original "polished" version.

Child Sizes for Halloween!

11 November, 2012

This Halloween, we've been getting a ton of requests for even smaller suits for all of the kids that want to wear our suits!  So we've added an even smaller version of our child size full body spandex suit to fit those of you who are between 8 and 9 years old!  

The new RootSuit size is availalbe in Black, Red, Royal Blue, Orange, USA Flag, Tuxedo, Ninja, and Green Camouflage.

Thanks to all of those that encouraged us to bring this popular size the masses, and thank you for your help in getting the sizing just right. 

We received a picture from one special RootSuit fan, which we've posted below.  Thanks!

430 Pound Presence at the Ryder Cup!

11 November, 2012

A unnamed RootSuit fanatic wanted to root for Team USA as the Ryder Cup this year.  At first, our main man was worried that a RootSuit wouldn't fit him because he used to work our and play a lot of sports but has since slipped slightly out of shape. 

Well, we've got a RootSuit for just about anyone.  And no matter your size or shape (including if you are 6'6" and 430lbs), we'll get a RootSuit to fit you like a glove.  The more of you there is, the more of your team color we can show! Shaquille O'Neil wore a 6XL RootSuit after all.

We love the courage displayed here and can't wait to see more from this guy!  Thanks for sending!


He even showcased our new cape! As did many of our loyal fanatics this Halloween!  Team, they look great! More accessories in the pipeline. 

So, if you've ever wondered what the best way to support your home team, put on your rootsuit, Rile up the crowds, and be the ultimate fan.  

USA Flag Spandex Suit at the OLYMPICS!

07 August, 2012

We've been absolutely loving the Olympic games in London this year. Such an amazing display by the whole world of the talents of men and women who really put their mind to something.  Of course, since we're a company based in the USA (though we do love all of our international customers), we show our support by offering one of our favorite suits, the USA Flag full body spandex suit!

Check out this image below of one of two of our fans out in London showing their support to our men and women who have sacrificed so much to show their abilities to the world. 

The USA Flag spandex suit is one of our full body spandex pattern suits, and it is one of the hottest sellers over the past couple of months.  We've been so excited to watch these pop up on TV over the past few months, since we had a pretty good idea why folks might be buying them.  


Spandex at the Olympics has been a pretty big deal this year, and not just on the incredible athletes!  We're excited to see that our fans are suiting up and wearing our suits as super fans at the Olympics.  In the good old USA, we think we have some of the most super fans wearing our suits.   We can't wait to see pictures of these in bars and living rooms where people hosted different parties for the Olympics.

If you have more photos of yourself at the Olympics, we'd love you to send them to us or -even better - to post them on our facebook page.  

Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images, can be found at olympics.yardbarker.com

36creative Dons Spandex

17 April, 2012

RootSuit has teamed up with 36creative, which has helped us really stamp the bugs out of our website, and, most importantly, bring our products to life in our new website. We’ve had a lot of fun getting to know these folks, and can’t say enough about their quality of work, and their integrity in general.

Most importantly, we think they look amazing in Spandex. Many thanks to our team in New Hampshire!

And below, check them out in the spandex suits that we sent them. 36creative might have taken the highest fidelity RS picture yet.  Love the spirit, guys!